Cultures project
Cicero-North Syracuse High School  
Check the links below to research information for your PowerPoint presentation.

Directions for copying and pasting pictures:

When you see a picture or map you would like to copy, right click on it and choose copy.

Minimize Internet Explorer.

Open PowerPoint.

Paste your picture in.

The Assignment:  You  are to research the culture you chose.  You are to find out as much as possible about their Clothing, Foods, Holidays and Traditions, Religion, and Achievements and Contributions.  You want to be able to answer these questions:  What does it mean to be a member of this culture?  How do they celebrate holidays, rites of passage, marriage ceremonies,etc...  What do they place the most importance on in their society?  

The second part of this project is to create a powerpoint presentation, incorporating all the elements you researched.  To be shown to the class.
Useful links
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