rosati Mr. Rosati
Niagara Falls High School Mathematics teacher
Hi and welcome back to school, I hope you had an enoyable summer. From what I can recall my summer was very good, dose anyone know the quadratic equation?
  Well this is my first webpage so thankyou for visting while you are here allow me to explain my classroom procedures. These procedures will be done practicly evryday, and they are as follows:
     1) I will take attendance, and trun back their quiz.
     2) During attendace, there will be homework problems on the board for students to rewrite on another sheet of paper, after attendance they will had those problems in for a quiz grade.
     3) After I will Introduce the topic for the day and give a brief explanation of it.
     4) I will give the students important terminology, formulas, rules, and defintions that will help in completing their assignment.
     5) I will go over two examples with the students, then answer and/or ask any questions
     6) The students will be given a third example to solve on there own then after 2 minutes I will have someone go to the board to solve the problem.
     7) The class will be given a class assignment to complete, either in groups of two or on their own.
     8) I will go over the answers to the class assignment, then assign there homewrok.
On friday's after attendace the deffernce will be either one of the to plans:
   "The Alissa" Plan, or Plan A: The students will work in groups of four to prepare notes on the next topic. The students my use: their textbook, laptops, or old notes. Each group will then share thier information with the rest of the class. The groups will have to develop homework questions for the other group. The groups not reporting will have to copy the information down.
  "The Bull" Plan or Plan B: The class will be given a in class quiz. After the quiz the students will have to exchange their papers to correct. I will go over each problem with the class. Then introduce the new topic with no more then 10 homewrok questions.


  " The Champ" Plan or Plan C: TEST
Well this is my routine, I will rarly alter these plans, unless the information I am teaching requires a change in procedures. I hope we all have a fun time learning, and now I have one question are we finished yet?
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