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Mt. Hermon School Kindergarten Teacher
All of the children did very well for the 3rd nine weeks.  Most of them need to work on listening closely for details in a story to pick out the main idea, sequence the story, or retell it.  Several need to work on listening for the ending sounds in words to hear the rhyming words.

*Dates to Remember:

   *March 24 - Report Cards go home.  Please sign and
    return promptly.  Please call if you would like a
   *April 13 - Preschool and Kindergarten round-up.  
    Students in Mt. Hermon School now need to stay
    home that day.
   *April 20 - Easter Egg Hunt and party at school.  Angela
    Stafford is in charge.
   *April 21 - April 30 - Good Friday, Easter, and Spring
   *May 5 - Field Trip to Aquarium in New Orleans for
    Kindergarten and first grades.
   *May 8 - Begin assigning parts for our kindergarten
    program on May 23
   *May 23 - Kindergarten Program in Gymnasium.

   *Note will be sent home soon about field trip.  We will
    require a deposit due a few weeks before the trip, then
    the rest later.

   *MAYFEST COMING SOON - look for your note soon.
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