rpatterson Mrs. Patterson
Lone Peak Elementary School Sixth Grade
Read!  Read!  Read!  Our school wants to be one of the top twelve schools in the Northern Utah area.  Contest runs October 11th, 1999 and will continue for 16 weeks until January 28th, 2000.  The more minutes you read, the higher our school will place in the contest.  Each Monday a reading slip will be sent home. Remember to record the number of minutes read each day and have your parents sign the slip.  Return the slip the following Monday.  It is important to have the slip signed each week.  No slip will be accepted without a parent signature.  Slips cannot be accepted after Monday.  At the end of the 16 week contest, the top 12 schools will earn the privilege of having a Jazz player visit their school and read to the students.  Regardless of our place finish, our school will receive two Jazz game tickets and an autographed hardcover book to be given out in two random drawings.  "Be A Team Player - Read!"

Spelling Words - Unit 10 (the long sound of yoo and the short sound of yoo.

Unit words: Mastery words:
musician huge
mural cube
museum music
review humid
secure future
curious misuse
perfume Bonus words:
menu contribute
universe immature
view commuter
cure persecute
pure peculiar
excuse manicure
refuse immune
furious humorous

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