Nevada SkillsUSA PDP PRACTICE Class
East CTA Nevada SkillsUSA Registrar
This site was developed to give each student an opportunity to learn the facts necessary to do well on the state PDP test which you will take on-line prior to the Nevada SkillsUSA Championships. Each student will be required to take the SkillsUSA PDP test prior to competing in their career specialty. The PDP test results will be used to break ties resulting from competition. There are usually several ties. The better you can do on the practice tests on this site, the higher your score will be on the Championships PDP test.

You may wish to use this as an open book test until you can get a 100% on each quiz without the book. Questions are taken from the SkillsUSA Handbook. Take each practice test as many times as you wish. With each new test you will receive some new questions along with questions you have seen on previous testing attempts.

The answers to the questions have not been provided for you, so you will need to look up those that you are in doubt about.

If you practice these test until you get a 100% every time you take them without looking up any of the information, then you can be assured that you will do very well on the PDP test. The PDP test will be a timed test with about 30 seconds allowed per question.

Good luck!
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