rsammons Mrs. Sammons
Katy High School Pre-Cal Academic Instructor
Conference Period: 4th period (10:15-11:13)

Tutorials : Tuesday and Thursday (2:45-3:30)

Pre-Cal :

Wednesday (10/11)Graph sine and cosine parent functions
                 Change amplitude and vertical shift
                 Assn. WS

Thursday  (10/12)Cont to graph cos and sin with amplitude
                 and vertical shift

Friday (10/13)  Graph sin and cos with period change
                Assn.  WS

Monday (10/16)  Graph sin and cos with phase shift
                Assn. WS

Tuesday(10/17)  Review graphing

Wednesday (10/18) Review graphing

Thursday (10/19) Review graphing

Friday (10/20) Major Test
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