rshuman Mrs. Sanders
North Cobb High School Human Anatomy Instructor
Welcome to Human Anatomy and Physiology.  This semester we will be doing lots of fun and interesting studies of the human body.  I have tentatively scheduled one major field trip to the gross anatomy lab at Life University.  I have listed below the course syllabus.  

Human Anatomy & Physiology

I.    The Body as a Whole
     1.  Body Organization
     2.  Biochemistry
     3.  Cellular Anatomy & Physiology

II.   Transportation & Defense
     1.  Respiratory System
     2.  Circulatory System
     3.  Digestive System
     4.  Excretory System
     5.  Immune System

III.  Movement & Control
     1.  Skin/Skeletal System
     2.  Muscular System
     3.  Nervous System
     4.  Endocrine System

IV.   Reproduction & Development
     1.  The Female System
     2.  The Male System
     3.  Development

Please keep in mind that this is a tentative syllabus and is subject to change if necessary.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming year and to working with each of you.
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