rsiishere The strange one!
Loo-loo house the big idiot who likes to sit in her room and eat big fat watermelons!
Hey! This is RSI! Since MJE can have her own personal page, so can I!
But my life is so pitifully boring that I have nothing to say!

Sure, sure. And MY life is interesting? Yeah, right. I may be a half-witted dimbo, but I kno that my house is the MOST boring!

WELL! It's MJE here and I say that MY house isn't SUPPOSED to be interesting so my life is also pitifully boring and magical.

Hewo, dis is duh watamewon zat yikes to com owt at nite an ete fwut sawad.I dont yike dis culur i'm changing it to gween and redish, mi culurs.

GO AWAY! Sorry, I was saying that to the "bib fat wabermeyon"! OK, hi RSI, this is HLN and since this is RSI's page, I won't ask about magic here, but what has RSI been doing except being pitiful and not e-mailing me?

Hey gals! WOW! Long-
time-no-see! And HLN:
I haven't been here for so
long, so I'll go take a look
at all the pitifully stupid
stuff here! Bye!!!!!

PitifuL? Yeah right! Try pathetic!

VERY pathetic! We should get rid of some of these class pages. Each one of us can have our own page
(this one is MINE!) and we can have like, ummm, four pages for all of us or something. I think we should get rid of the stinkertown news or whatever that thing is and.........blah de bleh de glurp.......KATHUD!!!!!

Sounds good to me! Whcih is HLN. Yeah, stinkertownnews can go, we have wackytown news! And, do we need RSIMJEHLNWKYPGE? We never seem to write in it. Bye RSI! See you after camp: I'll send you trillions of cards!

This is RSI! HLN, you'd better send me trillions of letters! Or maybe tengazillion......Well, in case I don't come here for a while, see you after camp! (I get back July 7) Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! I'll miss your pathetis e-mails!!!

I'll send to tengazzilion and 1 pathectic mails!

I, HLN say that we have pitifully pathetic spellings of pathetic! Pathetis and Pathectic!

Hi, this is MJE.Look do we have something to say that can actually start a LONGER conversation!?

Hm. I'm HLN, duh, and why don't we 2 talk about how this is called RSI is here, when RSIisn'there?
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