rudigersclass Mrs. Rudiger
St. Laurence Catholic School 3A Teacher
Dear 3A Students and Parents,

We are into February and will be reviewing skills for our annual SAT testing very shortly.  You will know when this all takes place by reading the weekly memos and your child will also keep you informed.
Next week, the week of Valentine Day, our class will have secret valentines for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This Friday they will draw a name and keep this a secret.  Monday each student will have made over the weekend, a picture drawing to place in their secret Valentine's desk or locker.  Tuesday, each student will make a book marker for their secret Valentine and Wednesday, each student will make a Valentine card for his/her valentine.  Thursday, each student will bring a snack for his/her Valentine and at snack time they will reveal who each student had for the week.  In the past, we have had a lot of fun with this activity and they do try their best to keep it "a secret".  Please encourage your child to make this special by putting forth the effort to compose a drawing, a bookmark, and a card.  No purchases are necessary.
This Wednesday your child will be taking home Progress Reports for the Third Quarter.  Some will be showing an N in Conduct for this quarter.  This is due to an over abundance of talking that some can't cut off at times.  We will try very hard to improve and hope you, as parents, encourage your child to do so.
I will keep you informed about the SAT testing review.
Please continue to check homework each night, especially the Reading answers to questions.  These should be answered only in complete sentences.  Thank you for rereading their sentences and having them make corrections.
Many students are going home with low grades in Handwriting skills.  Many need to improve, so please encourage your child to try harder to improve before the end of the quarter. I like to show at Progress Report time any areas where improvement is needed.
Thank you, dear parents for supporting me in this quarter and especially, the nightly homework.  It really pays dividends at the end of the year!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Mrs. Nell Rudiger

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