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Activities for Running out of Time


Margaret Peterson Haddix

Thirteen-year-old Jessie Keyser lives in a rustic 19th century cabin with her dad, mom, and five siblings. Jessie enjoys helping her mother tend to those who are sick, or having babies, and admires her dad who works as a blacksmith.

Jessie's life isn't exactly a typical life of the 1800's although she doesn't know it at first. She attends a one- room school house, cooks over an open fire, and has no electricity.

As Jessie has gotten older, she has begun to wonder about some of the things and happenings in her village. Some of the grownups begin to act strangely.
The story takes a serious turn when the children in the village become very sick with a disease called diptheria. It is up to Jessie to save the children of the village from this deadly disease!  The strange happenings in the village are small compared to the adventures which lay ahead.  Jessie must overcome armed guards, kidnappers, and harmful threats before she succeeds in getting the help the children in her village so desperately need.
Read this wonderful story to find out exactly how Jessie Keyser becomes a heroine and saves those in her village while "Running Out of Time!"
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