rwg19 Mr. Gee
Frances E. Willard Elementary School Computer Lab Teacher
The 4th and 5th grade classes have been going through an Internet tutorial called Welcome to the Web, which is online at In the month of January, they have been playing Oregon Trail. The latest high scorers for the List of Legends for 5th grade so far are Aaron Sran@ 9,132 points (Hajek) and Adterra Lim @ 9,076 points (Hajek). The high scorer for 4th grade is Jason Franco @ 4,368 points (Weiman).
The 2nd grade classes have been practicing their addition and subtraction facts on Math Rabbit. They have also started on looking at the animals on the CD program "The Animals! 2.0."
3rd classes have been working on their keyboarding skills using MicroType. They have also been learning basic skills in making multimedia presentations using HyperStudio.
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