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Grover Cleveland Middle School AOL Rules!
Hello, My name is Ry. I like sports: baseball, basketball, snowboarding, soccer,Golf,vollyball, kickball, homerunball, and many more. I am 12 years old am in 6th grade. I would just like to say hey to my friends: CH, AG, MM, JD, MV, AE, DG, BJ, KYLEE, LH, MELANIE, KELLY, MARISSA, MP, MB, MO, AB, KR, TI, TIM, LG, RV, ASHLEY, LS, KT,AND MORE! I like to ride my bike, and scooter, play n64, go on-line, talk on the phone, go to the movies, being lazy, getting into trouble, fighting with my brother, and hanging out with my friends. I hate homework and I dislike school. Well, that's all for now peeps! cya lata buh~bye
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