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      Today you are going to do two separate tasks, so remember to use your "BACK" button to come back to this page, if you can't remember some of the instructions.

1.   For this task you are going to go into a real French internet site, for children anywhere who speak French.  You will find a page about books, with reviews for each one - LIVRES,  and you have to find out which of the seven books on the page has to do with animals.    
The first book has a review already on the page, but to find out more about the other six, you have to click on the picture.
You will then write down the titles in your jotter, also saying what the animals are, in French and English.
You may work with the person next to you, if you want.  So, go down to the foot of the "Useful links" section, and click on the site called "French kids' internet site" , then click on  LIVRES  from the list on the left side of the page.

2.   This site will help you to practise the past tense of verbs, which you have been doing with Mademoiselle Slimani.
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