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Glasgow Middle School Math Madness & Super Science!!
Hello again :)
    The cougars have completed the Matter Unit in Science and we will begin our adventure through the world of Electricity starting in January.  The Element Books that the kids created were wonderful!  We will share them with each other after break.  Also, I have included some element games you can play on the computer just for fun.  Try them out, some of them are pretty cool!!
    Please take a few moments, over the break, to think about your goals in preparation for the end of the 2nd. quarter.  It is coming fast. Keep in mind you will have a math midterm, math midyear assessment as well as a Reading mid year assessment sometime at the end of January.  
    I will be posting a monthly calendar on our team site as well as important dates so be looking for that.
    I am looking forward to hearing about everyones country during our culturefest on friday the 22nd!!  Thanks to all the parents for the food preparations and helping the kids along on their projects.

I wish all of you a wonderful and restful Holiday break!!
    Be good,
    Be safe, and
    Be Happy:)

more later:)
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