This site is designed for students, parents, community members and staff of the Montefiore Special School.

Here is where I will share information about our school and on-going programs. It will also be a way for you to share your thoughts and suggestions with me.

My personal motto is: TEACHING TAKES TWO, ME AND YOU!


Following our Winter Break; January is always a busy month. Our Science Fair, January 24th, is just around the corner; the practice Spelling Bees are being held on a weekly basis and Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday will be held on January 20th. This January is also the start of our A.R.T. Mosaic Project and the LIFE Dance Ensemble. The arts are a wonderful way to shine and to have a positive public voice and presence. As always, selected participants must first have their teacher's recommendation and be willing to keep up with all classroom assignments, as well as, participate in these exciting projects.

During February, in honor of Black History Month, we will highlight persons and events that are important parts of Black History. At morning assemblies individual classrooms will present historical plays, reflect on what a day without all the creations developed by Black scientists would be like, and watch student written and videotaped sports shows and more. We will also have school holidays to honor President Abraham Lincoln on February 12th and our many amazing Presidents on Presidents Day on February 17. Don't forget those you love this upcoming Valentine's Day, February 14th.

March 3, is the day we celebrate the birth of Casmir Pulaski, a Polish-American patriot. School will be closed on Monday, March 3, 2003. Do you know the name of some of Revolutionary War's first American soldiers, patriots and heroes? General Casmir Pulaski did.

Graduation is scheduled for August 14, 2003. Are you coming to school everyday?  Are you coming to school on time? Are you listening to your teachers? Are you doing your best? Have your reading and math scores improved? My mother always said, "Time will pass, will you?"

Mr. Saya Hillman of Whirlwind recently came to review the success of the first semester's program which involved the students of Room 102 and Ms. Crawford, Room 104 and Ms. Bailey, Room 108 and Ms. Collins, Room 212 and Ms. Corrigan. Classes worked hard at learning how to separate mood, setting. They developed characters and dramatized reactions to situations of those characters. Students looked at the beginning, middle and end of scenes. Before the program was completed students were planning and presenting their own scenes. Not only are imaging skills and reading comprehension being reinforced but maybe a star of tomorrow will remember Whirlwind as their first dramatic experience.


We are dedicated and proud to serve your children, our students.  We believe that all children can and will learn at Montefiore Special School.  We consider both academic and behavioral concerns so that your children will receive their education and help in redirecting their behaviors in a manner that will enhance school success and emotional health.

To be successful comes from following Montefiore School’s Four Rules:

Come to school everyday
Be on time
Listen to your teacher
Do your best

Staff will call when your child is absent. The only excused absences allowed are:

a serious illness verified by a doctor's note
a death in the immediate family
a verified court appearance

Contact the school at 773-534-7825 with information regarding your children, to make appointments to meet with any staff or to ask general questions.

All parents are welcomed at our Local School Council meetings which are held the first Thursday evening of each month at 6:00 p.m. Come and see how easy it is to help our school and meet other parents. 

A special presentation will be held this January 29, 2003 at 9:30 in the Arthur Baker Memorial Hall.  We will kick-off our Campbell Labels for Education program with a huge donation of one million labels from Campbell Soup and Jewel/Osco Corporation. Jewel/Osco our newest School Partner has been wonderful in sharing the Montefiore Story with those who care. Thanks Jewel/Osco!


Reminders: Throughout the year lesson plans are due on Thursdays by 12:30 pm.  They can be e-mailed to Ms. Sachs-Nygard or given to Ms. Huey in the Guidance Department.  Plans are not counted as received and on time by simply placing them in a mailbox, on a door, or on a desk.  I hold Lesson Planning and Curriculum Sessions every Thursday at 2:30 pm. for any and all interested staff. I want to thank Mrs. Smith; Counselor for her efforts both in checking in the lesson plans and in compiling the reports related to your timely and consistent performance of this most important task.  Thanks, Mrs. Smith!


I will soon update a review of the progress of our Illinois Technology Grant Challenge Fund 2003. Many hours of staff development have already been held. Mr. Robertson and Room 209 have been polishing their video skills preparing for long-distance learning.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Music Activity Grant continues in tune. A quartet of professional musicians came to our school and performed for everyone in the Arthur Baker Memorial Hall. CSO-Teachers, Ms. Bailey-Room 104, Ms. Crawford-Room 102, Ms. Collins-Room 108 and Ms. Green-Room 202 recently went to an afternoon in-service held at Orchestra Hall. Staff and students will go to our second on-site concert, "The Mozart Experience", on February 7, 2003.
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