sailormercury Sailor Mercury's Bio

Name: Mizuno Ami [Amy Anderson in the English dub]
Identity: Sailor Mercury, Super Sailor Mercury
Element: water and bubbles
Age: 14 (in 1992)
Birthday: September 10
Sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Fav food: sandwiches [she can study while she eats :-)]
Least fav food: hamashi [yellow-tailed tuna] (I can see why)
School: Juuban Junior High School
Residence: with her mom in a mansion!
Fav subject: Math
Least fav subject: none
Fav color: blue & aquamarine
Hobbies: reading, playing chess, swimming &  computers
Strong points: studying
Has trouble with: Usagi and Rei fighting & love letters
Dream: become a doctor like her mother
Fave stone: sapphire
Hair color: blue [don't ask :-P]
Eyes colors: blue Home

music by mevam
backgrounds by mevam
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