Spanish 2 Class (Third period)
Saint Joseph Catholic High School
To get EXTRA CREDIT!!! You must attain a score of 80% or better in the SESSIONS. You must enter your full name when you are login in. YOU MUST do the session before the class (REAL) quiz or test. If you do so, you are going to get 5% extra credit."DO THE PRACTICE QUIZZES AND GAMES BEFORE YOU DO THE EXTRA CREDIT". IF YOU DO, IT IS GOING TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE MATERIAL better.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish 1/Second-Semester/Final Exam: session spanish 2/review
Spanish 2/unidad 1/leccion 1: session spanish 2/unidad 1/leccion 1
Spanish 2/unidad 1/leccion 2: session spanish 2/unidad 1/leccion 2
Spanish 2/Unidad 1/leccion 3: session spanish 2/unidad 1/leccion 3
Spanish 2/Unidad 1/leccion 4: session spanish 2/unidad 1/leccion 4
Spanish 2/Unidad 1/Test: session spanish 2/unidad 1/test
Spanish 1/LatinoAmerica/Exam: session spanish 2/latinoamerica 2/presentation exam
Spanish 2/preterito/Regular: session spanish 2/preterito/regular
Spanish 2/Preterito/Irregular/standard: session spanish 2/preterito/irregular/standard
Spanish 2/workbook/irregular/no standard: session spanish 2/preterito/no standard
Spanish 2/Imperfecto: session spanish 2/imperfecto
AP Spanish/preterito: session spanish 2/preterito/exam
Spanish 2/preterito & Imperfecto/Verbs that mean different: session spanish 2/preterito & imperfecto/verbs that mean different
Spanish 2/Preterito & Imperfecto: session spanish 2/preterito & imperfecto/exam
Spanish 2/vocabulario/preterito: session spanish 2/preterito/vocabulario
Spanish 2/Unidad 2/Leccion 1: session spanish 2/unidad 2/leccion 1
Spanish 2/unidad 2/leccion 2: session spanish 2/unidad 2/leccion 2
Spanish 2/Unidad 2/Leccion 3: session spanish 2/unidad 2/leccion 3
Spanish 2/Unidad 2/Leccion 4: session spanish 2/unidad 2/leccion 4
Spanish 2/Unidad 2/Examen: session spanish 2/unidad 2/test
Spanish/animales: session spanish 2/animales de latinoamerica/version 2
Spanish 2/Semestre 1/Final Exam: session spanish 2/first semester/exam
Spanish 2/Unidad 3/Leccion 1: session spanish 2/unidad 3/leccion 1
Spanish 2/Unidad 3/Leccion 2: session spanish 2/unidad 3/leccion 2
Spanish 2/Unidad 3/Leccion 3: session spanish 2/unidad 3/leccion 3
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 4: session spanish 2/unidad 3/leccion 4
Spanish 2/Unidad 3/Test: session spanish 2/unidad 3/test
Spanish 1/Latino-America/Landmarks/Test: session spanish 2/landmarks/exam
Spanish 2/Unidad 4/Leccion 1: session spanish 2/unidad 4/leccion 1
Spanish 2/Unidad 4/Leccion 2: session spanish 2/unidad 4/leccion 2
Spanish 2/Unidad 4/Leccion 3: session spanish 2/unidad 4/leccion 3
Spanish 2/Unidad 4/Leccion 4: session spanish 2/unidad 4/leccion 4
Spanish 2/unidad 4/test: session spanish 2/unidad 4/test
Spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 1: session spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 1
Spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 2: session spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 2
Spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 3: session spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 3
Spanish 1/personalidades: session spanish 2/presentations/test05
Spanish 2/second-semester/exam: session spanish 2/second semester/exam
Spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 2: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 5/leccion 2
Spanish2/workbook/unidad2/leccion3: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 2/leccion 3
Spanish 2/unidad 5/leccion 1: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 5/leccion 1
Spanish 2/ workbook/unidad 2/leccion 1: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 2/leccion 1
Spanish 2/workbook/irregular/no standard
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 3: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 3
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion2: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 2
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 1
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 2: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 2
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion2: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 2/b
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 4: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 4
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 1: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 1
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 3: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 3
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 4: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 4/leccion 4
Spanish 2/workbook/imperfecto: session spanish 2/workbook/imperfecto
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 1: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 1
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 2/leccion 4: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 2/leccion 4/b
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 2/leccion2: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 2/leccion 2
spanish 2/workbook/preterito_imperfecto/vocabulario: session spanish 2/workbook/preterito_imperfecto/vocabulario
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 3: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 3/leccion 3
Spanish 2/workbook/preterito/irregular/standard: session spanish 2/workbook/preterito/standard
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 4: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 4a
Spanish 2/workbook/irregular/no standard: session spanish 2/worlbook/preterito/irregular/no standard
Spanish 2/workbook/preterito/regular: session spanish 2/workbook/preterito/regular
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 1: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 1
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 2: session spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 2
Spanish 2/workbook/unidad 1/leccion 3/listening
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