Saint Joseph Catholic High School
Practice games and quizzes!!! The student has accessed to an inter-active web page to practice her/his daily learning material. Instant feedback and learning will happen while having fun.
My Quia activities and quizzes
AP Spanish/Preterito
AP Spanish/Preterito/concepto
AP Spanish/preterito
AP Spanish/Imperfecto
AP Spanish/Imperfecto/concepto
AP Spanish/preterito
AP Spanish/vocabulario/Introducion
AP Spanish/vocabulario/C1
AP Spanish/Perfecto form
AP Spanish/Adjectivos demostrativos
AP Spanish/Adjectivos
AP Spanish/Adjetivos demostrativos
AP Spanish/Vocabulario/C2
AP Spanish/Adjectivo posesivo
AP Spanish/Adjectivos demostrativos
AP Spanish/Vocabulario/C3
AP Spanish/adjetivos comparativos
AP Spanish/ Unidad 2/Examen
AP Spanish/Unidad 3/Ser & Estar y Presente progresivo
AP Spanish/Unidad 3/Presente & Radical
AP Spanish/Unidad 3/Reflexivo & Perfecto
AP Spanish/Capitulo 5
AP Spanish/unidad 4/Imperativo
AP Spanish/Imperativo/Unidad 4
AP Spanish/Vocabulario/C6
AP Spanish/First Semester/Final Exam
AP Spanish/Unidad 5/Futuro Perfecto y Subjuntivo perfecto
AP Spanish/preterito: session ap spanish/preterito irregular
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