salinehomefun Mrs. Saline
Santa Fe Christian High School English IV and Writing Instructor
May 7 - 11, 2001 HOME FUN!!!!

English IV
   -- Day One -- Review Lord of the Flies -- Test on Wed.
    -- Day Two -- Review Lord of the Flies -- Test on Wed.
    -- Day Three -- Bring Pygmalion with you to class
                    on Day 4!
                 -- Research scripture that talks about
                    transformation (individual verses as
                    well as stories)
  -- Day Four -- Review Act 1 of Pygmalion and be ready
                 for a quiz!

Honors English IV
   -- Day One -- Work on your research paper note cards!
               -- Review Act 2!  Be ready for a quiz!
   -- Day Two -- Work on note cards!
               -- Thurs. we will go to computer lab -- be
                  ready to do some work on your paper? 
    -- Day Three -- Review Act 3!  Be ready!
                 -- Computer lab again tomorrow?  Get the
                    outline finished in class!
   -- Day Four -- Work on paper.

AP English IV
   -- Day One through Four -- studying for AP exams!     
Writing to Publish:
   -- Day One through Three -- Work on poetry notebook!
                               I'll check first 2 sections
                                on Friday!
                             -- Book Registration on Day 2!
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