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Senari Academy's Microbiology Course Demo gives you access to these activities for the study of the Animal Cell:

  1. Animal Cell activities on

  2. Two quizzes on

The student sees the results of the quiz when he finishes. The results are accessible later only if the student signs in with a username and password. Email the instructor to request usernames and passwords, or if you wish to remain anonymous, enter the following for the username and password:

username: demoguest275
password: ra9k3j3p

Course Content

The Microbiology CD-ROM includes a Study Unit and Cork Board Diagram Activity for

  1. The Microscope

  2. Bacteria

  3. Plant Cell

  4. Paramecium

  5. Amoeba

  6. Animal Cell

  7. Euglena

Two online quizzes are available for each topic, one for reading the diagrams, and the other with a combination of diagrams and the information about the organism. In addition, there are more than 12 online activities to help students learn about these topics.


The course is entirely self-paced. With your subscription you receive the CD-Rom containing the instructional material, usernames and passwords for each member of your family and a link to the Class Page, giving you access to all the Microbiology activities and quizzes available at


Quizzes are scored automatically and students may access their scores on their student page.

Access to the Instructor

Email the instructor from this Class Page with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Cost of the Course

A subscription to the course is $50 for a family. This includes the CD-ROM and access to all the online quizzes and activities for each registered member of the family. For more information or registration, email the instructor.

Teachers and Homeschool Coops

Teachers may become affiliates with their own account enabling them to have unlimited access to all the Microbiology activities and quizzes, track their students, create their class pages, and purchase the Microbiology CD-Roms at a discount. For more information and/or a 30-day trial subscription to, use the following link.


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