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Hello Everyone!
Here we go again!  It seems as though I have not had any time to update this thing!  Anyway--we are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins in Reading this week.  It is a wonderful story.  Listed below is our timeline for the week.  Expect a mid week spelling test on Wednesday and a Vocabulary test on Thursday.  We are also moving our Comprehension test from Friday to Thursday.  We are starting a new unit in Science--Weather!!  Our weather has been so nice around here--now that we are studying it--I would expect the temperature to take a turn for the worst.  It is a great unit.

Problem of the Week
Every morning when Aldo, Brenda, and Cory line up at the bus stop, they can choose between two busses — one yellow and one blue. Whenever Aldo takes the yellow bus, Brenda and Cory take the same bus as each other. If Brenda takes the yellow bus, Aldo and Cory take different busses from each other. If Cory takes the blue bus, Aldo takes the same bus as Brenda.
Which of the three kids always takes the same bus? What color is it?

Assignments by day--
Reading-Read 193-203 in text book, answer Think about It questions on page 202.  Define Vocabulary words.  Study Spelling.  10 "needs" that you may have while being stranded on an island.  Math as assigned by all teachers.

Message in a bottle rough draft
Summarize Worksheet




Regular Week Reading Assignments
Tuesday--Read Story and define Vocabulary
Wednesday--Language Assignment and Mid Week Spelling Test, Assign Response Activity
Thursday--Vocabulary Quiz, Comprehension quiz
Friday--Spelling Test, Response Activity due

School Events

Christmas Crafts will be here sooner than you think!  Ideas will be displayed on December 4th.  If you have a good idea for a craft, please let me know.  I am not the most artistic person in the world!

Remember--December 7th is district inservice.  I have to be here but the kids do not!  AHH!


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