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This page is designed to help you prepare for our Third Quarter Review test. We will take the test on Tuesday, April 25, 2000.  The test will cover Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14 of our textbook.

After you have studied using the various activities, try taking the Quiz.  Before you take the Quiz, however, please remember to log into the Quiz Session so that I can receive the results.  The Quiz Session name is: third quarter.

Follow these instructions for logging into the quiz session:
1.  Go to the Session Login page at
    The easiest way to get there is to click on Quiz Session login at the bottom of this page (under Useful Links.)

2.  In the Session Name field, enter third quarter and press the start button. You must type the session name exactly as shown.  third quarter

3.When the quiz page appears, enter your name at the top, answer the questions, and press the submit button when they are done.  The results will be automatically emailed to me when you submit the quiz.

Happy studying and enjoy Spring Break!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Expanding Markets and Moving West
Chapter 9 review
The Union in Peril
Chapter 10 review
The Civil War
Chapter 11 review
Reconstruction and Its Effects
Chapters 12 and 13 review
The Industrial Age
Chapter 14 review
Big Business Emerges & A Couple of Inventors, too.
Chapter 14 review
Workers of the Nation Unite
Chapter 14 review
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