South Buffalo Elementary School
Dear Parents,

     The Sixth Grade students are busy working on research papers.  This paper will expose students in using note cards, doing an outline, doing a bibliography with four different sources, and finally a well developed paper.

     Mrs. Rettig-Seitam, the librarian, is also involved   as a valuable resource person.

     Students have been cautioned about taking material from sources and using it word for word.  Please pay close attention to the vocabulary used when you are reading this paper.

     The students have three weeks in which to complete this paper.  Since there is so much involved, we are encouraging them to work on it daily, both at home and here at school, and not to wait until the last minute.  Any papers that are turned in late will be docked a letter grade for each day.

     All research papers are due in March 31.

                                    Mrs. Metzger
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