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English I

We are beginning our RESEARCH PAPER the week of April 16th, 2001.  Students are responsible for the following "bits" of knowledge:

1.  3 Bibliography Cards - ALL DUE APRIL 27th.

Students MUST use 1 book as a source.
Students MUST use 1 database as a source.
Students MAY use 1 approved Internet site.
Student MAY use 1 encyclopedia (no more than 3 notecards
may be taken from an encyclopedia.

2.  20  Notecards - ALL DUE APRIL 27th.

Information on notecards must be spread through various
sources.  You may not get 19 notecards from one source
and 1 notecard from another.  Your research needs a

3.  Outline - DUE MAY 1st

4.  Rough Draft DUE May 7th

5.  Final Copy DUE May 14th

LIBRARY TIME for research will be given during class on the following dates:

April 18 - 20 (Wednesday - Friday)
April 23 - 25 (Monday - Wednesday)

Students have an additional 2 days ON THEIR OWN TIME to complete all of the research for their topic.  If time is used wisely, this should be ample time for their research.

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