mep services
  mep services


Karnoenergy offers its clients comprehensive and effective solutions in the field of engineering and facility management.

international experience

We have been working in an international environment for a long time. We can deal with the characteristics of different markets due to different cultural backgrounds.

Expert team

We recruit and maintain long-term relationships with professionals capable of working in a multicultural environment, based on the principle of communication between the headquarters and the local teams present at the site.

Strength of the whole group

Our presence in various markets allows us to allocate resources in accordance with current requirements, so that in case of additional demand, quality is maintained and customer needs are met.

MEP services

Karnoenergy specializes in providing comprehensive services in the field of technological installation of buildings (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) from initial design to final implementation. Competitive advantage is based on coordination between headquarters and local offices and teams across all departments involved, from human resources, calculations and preparation, procurement, logistics to assembly. We focus on contracts in African countries that require planning, body logistics and logistics, but thanks to years of experience and a portfolio of carefully selected professionals, we effectively implement projects not only in existing markets, but also in any selected francophone countries . and an English speaking environment.

Facility management

In addition to property management, we also provide a range of property management support services that optimize the client's operating costs. Thanks to our services, the client uses his employees more efficiently for work, which ultimately has a positive effect on his economic growth and increased competitiveness. As part of the service standards, our group is based on providing 24/7 support, including 24/7 dispatch and support services, which contributes to long-term satisfaction and stable cooperation with our partners.
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