Lisha Kill Middle School Spanish 8
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My Quia activities and quizzes
Las Fiestas de España
Try this activity to review Spanish festivals
Las fiestas
How well do you know the Spanish festivals we've studied?
Fiestas y celebracions de España
Review Spanish festivals and celebrations with this activity.
Vocabulary List 4 "El remedio"
Practice List 4 vocabulary by playing Hangman-type games.
List 4 vocabulary - Jumbled Words - "El remedio"
Unscramble the letters to complete the sentences.
Vocabulario - Lista 4 - El remedio
Flashcards, matching, and concentration activities for List 4 vocabulary.
"Casi se muere" Challenge Board for Chapters 1 - 4
Review events from the first 4 chapters of the book.
"Casi se muere" mini-quiz for Chapters 1-4
Test yourself. How well do you know what happened in the first 4 chapters of CSM?
"Casi Se Muere" Vocabulary, Chapters 1 - 4
Review vocabulary from the first 4 chapters of CSM with these activities.
Vocabulary Review for List 3 (El regalo) and List 3B (De compras)
Review vocabulary words and phrases from Lists 3 and 3B
Vocabulario - Lista 3 ("El regalo") and 3B ("De compras")
Play Hangman type activities to practice vocabulary from Lists 3 and 3B
El Día de los Muertos
Review facts about El Día de los Muertos
El Día de los Muertos
Win big if you know your facts about this Mexican celebration!
List 1 vocabulary/"Una cita importante"
Play Hangman type activities to review List 1 vocabulary.
"Una cita importante" Vocabulary (List 1) Pop-ups
Which list 1 phrase completes the sentence?
Palabras interrogativas
How well do you know your question words? Test yourself with this activity.
español 7 - Vocabulario - repaso
Play "Hangman" type actvities to review.
Navidad en España - Rags to Riches
Win big by knowing about Christmastime in Spain!
Navidad en España - vocabulario
Review Spanish Christmastime vocabulary.
Navidad en España - vocabulario, fechas, etc.
Play these games to review vocabulary and facts about Christmastime in Spain.
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