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1. During the Middle Ages, what was the only church in Europe?  

2. How many rooms were in a common peasant family's house?  

3. What material were most of the undergarments made of during the Middle Ages?  

4. How did people believe that disease was spread?  

5. Where was Medieval drama first performed?  

6. The demand for what types of good increased as the population flourished?  

7. In exchange for living and working on his land, what did the lord have to offer the peasants?  

8.  Who had the duty of being the judge in a manor court?  

9. Why would it be difficult to penetrate a castle wall?  

10. After being a page, what was the next step in becoming a knight?  

11. Crownings, baptisms, weddings, and funerals all took place where?  

12. People that weren't nobility and were not part of the church were called commoners. Commoners were divided into four groups, what were they?  

13. What were the blades of most swords made out of during the Middle Ages?

14. During the Middle ages what did people use instead of butter for their meals?  

15. What did knights use to fight with if they didn't have their sword?  
16. How long did it take to make one suit of mail armor?

17. What usually happened to the knights when they fell off of their horse in a joust?  

18. Where did monks and nuns live during the Middle Ages?  

19. What are some examples of ingredients that were put into medicine?  

20.  How did monks communicate with eachother in the dining room, since they were not allowed to talk?
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