Adult High School
Start each Monday with a new document.  Create a header.  On Wednesday, add to that document; on Friday, add to that document; print the completed journal and turn it in for a grade.

FRIDAY - 6/23/00
If you could do one thing that you are not allowed to do now because you are too young, what would you pick? Why?

MONDAY - 6/26/00
When you were younger, did you and your friends ever picked on someone and made fun of them until they cried?  If so, why did you do it?  Did you enjoy it?
WEDNESDAY - 6/28/00
What would make you try harder at school: wanting to please a teacher you like a lot? not wanting to disappoint your parents? being offered a faboulous prise if you did well?  What?
FRIDAY - 6/30/00
If you could be any animal, which one would you be? why?

MONDAY - 7/3/00
If you were accidentally locked in someplace for twenty-four hours and couldn't get out, where would be the worst place to be trapped and where would be the best place? Why?
WEDNESDAY - 7/5/00
If you knew that someone had brought a gun into school, would you tell a teacher?  What if you thought the person with gun might find out you were the one who told?  What would  you do?
FRIDAY - 7/7/00
Do you think there is life on other planets?  If so, what would they look like?  Would they be like us?  How would they communicate?

MONDAY - 7/10/00
Can you remember a time you succeeded in doing something you thought you would never be able to do?  If so, how did it feel?  Would you rather try more ambitious things knowing you might fail, or try easier things knowing you would be sure to succeed?
WEDNESDAY - 7/12/00
Imagine that someday humans will have destroyed the atmosphere and all living things will be forced to live under the sea. Describe what you think life would be like ....for all of us.
FRIDAY - 7/14/00
What are the qualities that you think make a great leader?  Does our President Clinton have these qualities?  How would you change him?  Is there anyone you know personally that has the qualities to make a great leader?

MONDAY - 7/17/00
What is your most precious possession?  Is there anything you would trade for it?
WEDNESDAY - 7/19/00
What is your very first memory?  How young were you and can you remember what you were wearing or what everyone was saying?
FRIDAY - 7/21/00
If you knew that by being teacher's pet for two years you would lose all your friends and be teased by everyone, but that you would later grow up to be very successful and happy, would you do it?  Why or why not?

MONDAY - 7/24/00
What is the thing you dislike about yourself?  Do you thnk other people care about it as much as you do?
WEDNESDAY - 7/26/00
If a friend's mother died, what would you say to try to help comfort your freind?  What could you tell your friend about death?
FRIDAY - 7/28/00
If you knew you were going to die in two days, but you could only day goodbye to three people, who would they be and what would be your last request?

MONDAY - 7/31/00
After being given a truth pill, you are asked to describe yourself and your family, what would you say?
WEDNESDAY - 8/2/00
If you could have any superpower (invisible, flight, bullet-proff, xray vision...etc) for  only 24 hours, which would you choose,  what would you do?
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