Short Pump Middle School  

Scene Cards are helpful to writers when they want to capture an idea quickly with just a bit of brief information.  You may always come back to the card and add more information later. 

You may do these on notecards or on your data base files on your laptop.

Enter the following information for each scene you wish to write in your story:

(1) Give your scene a name.
(2) Viewpoint of which character?
(3) What is the setting? (time and place)
(4) What is the goal of your scene?
(5) What is the opposition to the goal?
(6) What is the strategy?
(7) What is the outcome of the scene?


Scene Name:  "The Cookie Scene"
Viewpoint:   First person-  Ann
Setting:    Church, 3:00 pm on Saturday
Goal:      To pick up the Girl Scout cookies from the church
Opposition to the Goal:  Locked doors
Strategy:    Ann goes through the window
Outcome:   She gets the cookies and delivers them on time.
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