scfairjudge Mrs. Foehring
Grahamwood Elementary  
Science Fair Judging Criteria 2000/2001
(Adapted from Memphis/Shelby County Science Fair Guidelines)

CREATIVITY (Excellent 20 pts....Good 10 pts.....Fair 5 pts.)
    Imaginative use of materials
    Age-appropriate originality
    Adaptability of materials

SCIENTIFIC APPROACH (Excellent 30 pts.....Good 20 pts.....  
    Fair  10 pts.)
    Questions clearly stated and defined
    Hypothesis clearly stated
    Procedures for experiment clearly discussed
    Analysis of results with sound conclusion presented

THOROUGHNESS & ACCURACY (Excellent 30 pts.....Good 20 pts...  
    Fair 10 pts.)
    Repeated trials conducted to ensure results are not due
    to chance
    Accurate records with appropriate details
    Thorough reflection of study throughout project
    Observations conducted over a reasonable length of time

DISPLAY (Excellent 20 pts.....Good 10 pts.....Fair 5 pts.)
    Project title and subtitles clear and descriptive
    Well organized; logical flow of presentation
    Charts and graphs correctly and clearly labeled
    Correct spelling
    Overall, visually attractive; exceptional clarity and
    Report present
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