schedule Ms. Lagarde
  elementary teacher
  Welcome to the 1999-2000 school year.  I am Ms. Lagarde and I am lookin so forward to teaching you this year.
  Each month I will list every assignment that is due and its due date are this page.  Please refer back to this page at any time if you are not sure about a test, quiz, or project that is due.

Monday Sept. 4, 1999
  * paper about "me" due

Friday Sept. 8, 1999
  * Spelling test on Chap. 1

Tuesday Sept.11, 1999
  *  History test on Chap. 1&2
  *  Spanish quiz on Chap. 2 vocb

Friday Sept. 15, 1999
  *  Science project due

Monday Sept. 22, 1999
  * Field Trip

Friday Sept. 26, 1999
  * Math test on Chap 1&2
My Quia activities and quizzes
Native American Tribes
match the tribes with the cue words
Native Americans
the students will take a quiz on natice americans
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