schmitt304 Mr. Schmitt
Quarryville Elementary Fifth Grade Teacher
January 14, 2002
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the end of the second marking period!  January is already half over, and we could use many more weeks in the month to squeeze everything in!  I think most of our fifth-graders would like the extra time just to read!
We are picking up where we left off and not wasting one second from last week.  In the next two weeks, we will be reading "The River of Ice".  This story describes the adventure of a runaway slave.  We will be connecting the information we learn in the story to the facts that we will be learning about colonial life in social studies.
We are continuing our work with division. Our class is becoming expert dividers!  We are jumping into longer division and even more problem-solving strategies.  Our next units of study will be decimals, fractions, and geometry!!!
Our adventure stories are making tons of progress.  We are continuing the drafting step this week.  As we draft, we are focusing on subjects, verbs, and conjunctions.  Each writer is working very hard to make particular word choices.
As the third marking period begins, we will be getting to know our new base teams.  This is a learning adventure as we discuss our similarities, differences, and find ways to help one another.  We will be switching teams on Friday for another marking period!!!
Report cards and folders will be coming home in about two weeks.  We have only two marking periods left until middle school.  It doesn't seem like we will have enough time to meet all of our goals!!!  We'll have to keep up the pace! Thank you for your time!  Have a great week!!!

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