schmitt407 Mrs. Schmitt
Bart-Colerain Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher

    Welcome to our fifth grade adventure!  Before you head to middle school, there are many exciting topics we will investigate this year.  Some of our learning experiences will involve endangered animals, government, algebra, and reading strategies such as SQP3R.  Former students of Room 407 will tell you they enjoyed the hard work we put into reading and writing workshop.  They might also recommend to you a few of their favorite Accelerated Reader books!!!  We may just need an entire month to discuss all of these activities, and more!!!
                    Research Projects
     Investigating topics will be a familiar phrase this year.  One of the topics we will be researching is endangered animals.  Not only will we use the writing process, we will research and learn many interesting facts about endangered animals!  You may want to start thinking about your favorite endangered animal!!!  Listed below are several activities that go along with one of our units-COLONIAL LIFE!!!  Have fun and enjoy the practice!!!

   If you like to plan ahead or just see what is coming, take a look below.  Assignments will be updated daily as the year progresses.

               First Week Assignments:
MONDAY:  Bring "About Me" Bag with five small items
        Create two rules for our classroom
        Remember to complete assignment sheet

TUESDAY: Practice basic math facts

WEDNESDAY: Practice "Reading Workshop"

THURSDAY: Practice basic facts
         Enjoy your long weekend!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
The 13 Original Colonies
Geographic location of the 13 colonies
Colonial Life
Facts about colonial life
Colonial Scramble
Names of the colonies are scrambled
Map Mania
Order the colonies by location
Match the best-related pair of words
Would you live there?
Fill in the blank with details
Colonial Quest
Guess the word
Research Trivia
Answer the factual questions.
Colonial Geography
Geographic location questions
Useful links
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