scholar2 Mr. Bellak
Oak Park Elementary School 3rd Grade Teacher

Your child will get a homework chart at the beginning of each week.  These assignments are due the following day.  If your child misplaces the homework chart, you may find it at my web page. There are multiplication and division games available on my web page.    It contains homework charts and educational games.  Visit Mr. Bellak’s L.A. web page!

Students should keep their homework chart in the same folder.  Encourage your child to put their newsletters/school information inside their homework folders.  Please set up a routine so that your child shows responsibility.  Furthermore, please make sure they do not leave their Accelerated Reading book at home.

This homework chart is designed to keep the students and parents informed about their L.A. Block from 12:00-2:00.  They will receive one each Monday, and are responsible for the work.  During this time, students will study phonics, spelling, oral/written language, reading, vocabulary, word chunking, FCAT essay writing, etc.  The major emphasis will be on the essay writing for FCAT.  We will use power writing/transitional writing that will involve a concept map, rough draft (self-edit, peer-edit, and teacher’s final-edit), and a final draft.  This process will allow for creativity, and increase the students’ awareness of the five senses (adverbs and adjectives.)  If you have any questions, please contact me, Mr. Bellak, at Oak Park.  I will return your call as soon as possible.  I look forward to this year, and I am confident that our class will make great progress with writing and reading.  A list of spelling words and vocabulary has been included.  The vocabulary words are part of the spelling test.
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