schoolaffair Mrs Poh
CHIJ St Theresa's Convent Vice-Principal
Dear Colleagues and Students

The school year is coming to an end. Nevertheless before you can really enjoy the long-awaited vacation, you need to work hard for the exams (for the students) and lots of planning (for the teachers).

It has been the tradition of CHIJ St Theresa's Convent that students take time to reflect and seriously think about what they have done for the year - the good times and the bad, the laughter and the pain, the joys and disillusionment, the high and low moments of our lives.

It is also at around this time that I mull over what I would like you to feedback to the school in terms of activities, curriculum, programmes, school environment and the services the school provides for you. I take the opportunity to prepare a special Reflection Paper for you to do after the exams. Of course many of you give very good feedback and some very feasible suggestions that can be implemented. There are unfortunately many others who do not care and return the Reflection Paper as clean as it was given. Alot of thought has been put into it and it is a pity that students do not respond positively to this. Please remember the shcool is not this beautiful blue and white building on the hill. The school is you, the teachers and us....all of us. Whatever we do it is for you and whatever you do affects all of us.

My advice to you, my dear students, is "Study Hard" and "Keep your focus" "Be kind to yourself" "Keep a Balance" and finally "Be good".

Allow me to share this wonderful story that I heard from a great evangelist and motivational speaker in June this year at the Indoor Stadium. This guy was relating a real story of a very successful friend who is doing very well in his career. He was specially selected to head a very prestigious school - something he often dreamed about. At the point of his making that important decision, his wife was diagnosed to be suffering from alzhiemer's disease. It is a dreaded disease that causes loss of memory and coordination of the limbs. Such news to him means that his wife needs a permanent care-giver. Many of his friends rallied round him to give him moral support and equally many felt that he should not give up the post of heading that school. They rationalised that his wife will eventually not even recognise him. She would not even remember if it was he who fed her, talked to her or sang to her. They suggested that he emplyed a full-time care-giver or better still put her in a good institution where she could receive very good care whilst he still pursues his career. He thought about it and prayed over it and finally made that decision. He told his friends that although his wife will never recognise that he is the husband, he will always recognise that she is his wife - the woman whom he loved so much and married and lived with for a good many years. He said he recognises her as his wife although she could not. He was truthful when he said that he will not be happy because he knows he will never fulfil his dream... but he knows he must be good to his wife.

So the lesson we can learn here is that sometimes personal happiness may not be important. One must have the goodness of the heart amidst the unhappiness. It may be difficult like in this man's case but he knows the difference.

In life there can be so many occasions when we do not feel happy. It is alright. It is okay. We need to have compassion, unconditional love, a good heart and that is important to live life abundantly.

Think about this story and be thankful. All the best for your coming exams. Pray and work hard and you will be rewarded in many different ways.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you always in His love.

Mrs Alice Poh
Your Vice-Principal
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