schoolisnotgood Nikola Sarcevic
Latrobe I am not a teacher.
Ok you see here I am not a teacher. I am more of a spectator than anything else.  I think school is not good, to say the least.  I do not like school and I know a lot of students that do not like school either.  School is just insults, commands, yelling, and profanity, with a very small amount or learing.  At least that is the way I see it. The teachers give up on the students who do not cooperate with them and I think that is because the teachers are just lazy.  I am not saying that all teachers are this way because I know students who have good teachers, but they are hard to find.  Another point that I do not like about school is that a lot of teachers are judgemental and they label students.  For my final point, the principal and other people are taking away the students' priviledges.  One by one the students' priviledges are leaving them. In my opinion that is just wrong.  The school officials have this way of thinking that they should punish the whole group instead of taking the time and effort to find the person who's is doing what the school officials are having a problem with.  This is my opinion and it may be false, but this is how I see it, though the students mind.  Please contact me if you know anything else that relates to this site.

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