Prof de Français
FIRST go to your class page and do bonus material listed for Février...these will assist you in learning the material.  NEW CONCEPTS ADDED include compositions for 50 points each and posters for the classroom.

BONUS MATERIAL FOR Février-Mars on this page (50 points per leçon):
go to the link below for février-mars and follow the français interactif.  Begin with Home Page for instruction/introduction.  You will need to keep track for each lesson by either emailing me information that you have learned or copy/pasting info and sending it via email.  All levels can learn.  Most of what is available is interactive which means that you will need speakers and (hopefully) a fast modem setting. Once you have listened to/read the home page (0) then slide to the bottom and click on leçon 1.  If you need assistance with directions, email me (above).

Again you are to submit for each lesson:
1) what vocabulary (grouping) is being discussed in the lesson
2) what you saw in the video (click the movie camera wach lesson)
3) and submit at least 5 grammar exercises underneath GRAMMAIRE
4) you can also go to the activité internet for additional bonus activities

Useful links
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