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Juniors:  Extra Credit opportunity - 30 points

            Read The Cat Who Went To Heaven
            Get worksheets from me and complete them.


            go to
            scroll down to Buddha's Life and Teachings
            Click on The Life of Buddha
            Click on Enter Here
            Open one of the 64 lessons, read it and then
            click on Exercise. Complete the questions.
            Complete 30 lessons,and turn in the questions
            and answers.

Four Noble Truths
Dukkha - All Life is suffering
Tanha - Selfish desire leads to suffering
     - By overcoming desire one can overcome suffering
     - The way to overcome desire is to follow the
       eight fold path

Eight Fold Path

1. Right views - The other three truths must make sense to
                you.  Following Buddha's teachings should
                be whole hearted.
2. Right intent- Is it enlightenment? or Do we drift from
                one desire to another?  Single mindedness.
3. Right speech - Not just not lying, although that is
                 included.  Pay attention to everything
                 you say do you always seek to be truthful
                 and kind?  veracity and generosity
4. right conduct - Be aware of your behaviors.  What are
                 your motives?  Strive to be generous and
                 not self-seeking. Follow the five
               a. do not kill
               b. do not steal
               c. do not lie
               d. do not be unchaste
               e. do not drink intoxicants
5. right livelihood - For the religious, joining an order
                     and subscribiing to its discipline
                     for others, choose occupations that
                     promote life instead of destroying it.
                     Prohibited occupations include -
                     butcher, arms maker/dealer, prostitute
                     executioner etc.
6. right effort - Slow, steady, persistent direction of the
                 will toward spiritual progress.

7. right mindfulness - Overcome the ignorance of your own
                      nature.  Engage in continuance
                      self-examination.  Recognize that
                      feelings and thought swim in and out
                      of us and are not a permanent part of
8.right concentration - similar to raja yoga.
                      The expiration of delusion, craving
                      and hostility.  The direct
                      perception of Truth not clouded by
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