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Welcome to Mr. Houston's team 6-3 Science Web Page!!!

"The more you learn, the more you can do!  The more you do, the more you can learn! But in all this doing and learning, let's not forget one of the most important lessons of all... Enjoyment!!!

Enjoy 3rd grade!!! :)

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  Science Homework April 16-17
Earth Master 2001 Posters are due.  Complete Butterfly Cycle Data Sheet with Observations.  Complete Physical Science Terms Parts 1 & 2 in Science Folder. Quiz on the terms will be this week. Earth Day Festival at Georgia Tech Friday, April 20th.  Only $2. Permission slip and money due by Tuesday April 17th. Don't forget final Book Report # 4 due April 23rd and April 24th. Stone Mountain Field Trip April 27th $15.00 for students and $11.00 for parent chaperones. Physical Science Final Exam next month. 

  Science Homework February 26-27
"Flashlight" Party will be March 1st and 2nd; Flashlight Projects are due!! Began Science Research on Scientist assigned in class.  Rewrite or type the 9 questions in a "Report Style" Scientists Presentations and Report are due next week March 8th and March 9th.  You must go to a public library to do extensive research and work on your presentation.  Earth Day 2001-T-Shirts $7.00 orders will be taken until next week.  Earth Day is April 22nd!  Show some Team 6-3 Spirit by buying your shirt and having your classmates and teachers to personalize it with their signatures!

 Science Homework  February 19-20
Make Flash Cards for Chapter 2 "Light and Vision"also, use key science terms used in puzzle,"Light Properties" to make Flash Cards this is due this week Tues and Wed. "Make Your Own Flashlight Experiment" due March 1st and 2nd, please let teacher know immediately if you encounter any problems with this project. The bulb holder can be bought at Radio Shack, part # is 272-357; the wire is 22 gauge in size; 600 Minutes Log Sheets Due March 1st and 2nd! End of 1st 9 weeks is March 15th!!!

Science Homework February 15-16  
Make flash cards for science terms Chapter 2 "Light and Vision"  Complete "Puzzling Properties Work Sheet"  "Make Your Own Flashlight" Project due March 1st and 2nd, as well as "600 Minutes Reading Log Sheet" to earn a free Six Flags Ticket!

Science Home Work February 12-14
Book Report # 3 due Feb 12 & 13! Late -10 points per day!
Build a 3-D Cube with facts and illustrations from Chapter 2 "Light and Vision"  Due February 13 & 14.
FernBank Museum of Natural History Feb. 14th  9:15a.m.-2:00p.m. cost $4 with permission slip.

Science Homework January 23-24

 Study work sheet on Motion and Forces 1-11.  Build and design a "Racing Pyramid" for the "Great Pyramid Race!"  Complete your football field worksheets.  Write the number of yards in the appropriate space.  Estimate the number of yards you can throw a mini aero-dynamic football and illustrate with a diagram on the left side of diagram sheet. Write how much force is needed in pounds to achieve your estimate, ie 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs, or 35lbs.

Read chapter 12 and end of chapter review and vocabulary concepts.  Field Trip to Fernbank Musuem of Natural History 2-14-01.  Permission slip and $4.00 due Thursday January 25th!  Parent chaperones are welcomed at no cost!

Science Homework January 11-12
 Make 3 flash cards on Newton's 3 Laws of Motion; Construct a 3-D Pyramid with facts about Sir Isaac Newton Video(see directions below). Read Chapter 12 "Motion"

    Science Homework January 9-10
Read Chapter 12 "Motion" in Science Textbook.  Build a 4 sided triangular 3 dimensional pyramid with facts written on the pyramid from video about Sir Isaac Newton.

8 Simple Steps to Build A four sided triangular pyramid.
1) Cut out five 4inch squares of equal size made out of sturdy card board or styrofam tray.

2) Take 1 square which will be the base and set it aside.

3)  Take the other 4 squares and find the top center point and put a mark on each square at this point.

4)  Draw a diagonal line from the top center point to the bottom right corner of each square.

5)  Draw a diagonal line from the top center point to the bottom left corner of each square.

6) Cut out the triangular shape for all 4 squares on the two diagonal lines.

7)  Attach with tape the bottom of the triangular sides to the square bases you set aside.

8)  Fold the sides up and tape neatly the tops and sides together to complete your pyramid.  Don't forget, your pyramid should have facts about Sir Isaac Newton from the video.  Save these instructions for making your "Racing Pyramid"

 Science Homework December 18-21
Read Chapter 12 Motion in Science Textbook.  Complete Science Bonus Points Questions and turn in by Thursday Sept.21st.  Make and create your own mini Amusement Park on a styrofoam lunch tray, this is not due until January 16th.
Have a safe and Happy Holidays!!!!!! Mr. Houston

 Science Homework December 12th and December 13th

Make Flash Cards for Chapter 12 Key Science Terms page 410 Science Textbook.  Science Book Report # 2 due Thursday Dec. 14th & Fri Dec. 15th!  Read Chapter 12 pages 380- 390;  Design your own "Amusement Park" on Paper!
Begin preliminary science research on assigned Scientist.  Research report due in January TBA.

 Science Homework December 4th and Decemebr 5th
"Good! Better! Best!  Never Let them Rest!"
Study for Chapter 6 Science Test "Acids, Bases, and Salt"  Study flash cards, review experiment log sheets, study the pH diagram in the book, review end of chapter review, and Study!!!  Science Book Report # 2 is due on Dec. 14th and Dec. 15th.  Earn some extra bonus points by turning in book report on Thursday and Friday Dec. 7th and Dec. 8th.and make an oral science book synopsis to the class.  

 Science Homework November 27, 2000
Complete flash cards for litmus, litmus paper, litmus test, and 6 key science terms at the end of Chapter 6 "Acids, Base, & Salt". "3D" Science Pictures are due this week! Make a science term we have or will study from at least 2 candy wrappers or snack bag wrappers. This creative project due on December 4th and 5th, is called "Science Wrappers Delight".  Paste or glue it on a styrofoam lunch tray. Extra points for more than one science word created.Earn Bonus points if you turn it in this week.   Science Book Report # 2 Due Dec. 14th and Dec. 15th.  Still not too late to order tickets for team 6-3's "Hawks Night Out".  Place your order by Wednesday, November 29th.  What an excellent way to socialize with classmates, family, and friends, during the upcoming holliday season!  If if you don't enjoy basketball, come just for the fun of it!! December 19th at Phillips Arena. Tickets are only $10.50 each!  Buy as many as you would like!

 Science Homework November 20, 2000
Complete "Elemental Cereal Box" which should also include atomic structure, facts, description, and name in French, Spanish, German, and Italian (Use web page links #'s 82 and 7)  Science "3-D" Picture due next week November 29-30.  Science book report 2 due December 14th and 15th.  Team 6-3's "Hawks Night Out"  Tuesday December 19th!! Phillips Arena!!!  Order your tickets by Wednesday!!! Only $10.50 each.  Be there!  For a fun night out with team 6-3!!!

 Science Homework November 15, 2000 same as November 14th see below: Click Web Link # 82 below for "Elemental Cereal" Information on Elements!

 Science Homework November 14, 2000
Complete Science Styrofoam 3 D Project and Elemental Cereal Box. These are due November 21st and Nov. 22nd. Read Chapter 6 "Acids,Bases, and Salts" in Science Textbook.  Science Book Report # 2 is due on December 14th and 15th.  Team 6-3's "Hawks Night Out"  Tuesday December 19th at Phillips Arena versus the NY Knicks!!! Tickets are now on sale only $10.50 each.  Order as many as you would like!!! Brings, friends, family, and relatives!!!

 Science Homework November 13, 2000
       Same as November 10, 2000  See Below:

 Science Homework November 9, 2000
Blocks 2A & 4A Complete Home Density Experiment with 2 cans of soda.  One must be a Diet Coke or a Diet Pepsi. Students entering Recycling Essay Contest with Illustrations entry must be post marked by November 15, 2000.  Winners will receive a $500 Savings Bond and other prizes. Order your tickets now for team 6-3's "Hawks Night Out" on December 19th at Phillips Arena!!!  Only $10.50 each!  Buy as many tickets as you would like!  We are planning to reserve the court at Phillips Arena for "Free Play" from 5:00pm. until 5:30p.m.

 Science Homework November 8, 2000
Blocks 4B and 5B Complete Home Density Experiment with 2 cans of soda pop. Remember, one must be a Diet Coke or a Diet Pepsi.  Blocks 4A and 5A  Styrofoam Lunch Tray projects are due on Thursday November 9th.  Begin reading book for science book report # 2.  This science book report is due next month, December 2000. Don't wait until the last minute!
Join Team 6-3 for "Hawks Night Out" on Tuesday, December 19th at the Phillips Arena!  Tickets only $10.50 each! Place your order now!!! Deadline is Friday November 10th! We will try to reserve the Phillips Arena Court for Free Play from 5:00p.m. - 5:30p.m.

 Science Homework November 6, 2000

Make a science craft or project from a recycled styrofoam tray from the cafeteria. Read book for science book report # 2, which is due in December. Team 6-3 "Hawks Night Out" December 19th!!!  We will try to reserve the court for free play from 5:00p.m.- 5:30p.m.  Tickets going fast!!! $10.50 each!  Deadline to order in Friday Nov. 10th!  Order as many as you would like!

Science Homework November 3, 2000
Bring if book for science book report #2 for credit if you haven't.  Review your notes from the "Rainbow In a Bottle Experiment"  Team 6-3's "Hawks Night Out" Tues. Dec. 19th at Phillips Arena. Tickets are selling fast! Place your order now! Deadline Fri. Nov. 10th!

 Science Home Work November 2, 2000
Study All Flash Cards for Test! Bring Book for Science Book Report # 2 for credit. Team 6'3's  "Hawks Night Out" Tuesday, December 19th!!! Order Your Tickets Now!!! Deadline Friday November 10th. See your child for an order form!

 Homework Science November 1, 2000 same as Oct. 31

 Homework Science October 31,2000
       Bring Book for Science Book Report # 2 to class on Nov. 1st or Nov. 2nd. Study concepts and vocabulary of Chapter 4 Test!  Use those flash cards!

 Homework Science October 30, 2000 same as Oct. 27th and make of list of 10 useful ways to recylce the styrofoam lunch trays.

 Homework Science October 27, 2000
Study Flash Cards and definitions for upcoming test.  Bring book for science book report to class on Nov. 1st and Nov. 2nd.Students should bring science textbook, science folder, and personal dictionary to class each and every day. Do not blame your lockers! Having a locker is a priviledge. Blocks 4B and 5B can receive bonus points if they bring books for science book report on Monday, October 30th.  Blocks 2A & 4A teams will present their "Solutions" to class on Tuesday and Blocks 4B and 5B teams will present their "Solutions" to class on Wednesday.
Bring lab coats to class this week for "Rainbow in a Bottle Experiment"  Congratulations to all Renaissance Honor Students who made all A's and B's for the first 9 weeks! Those students that did not make "Renaissance", I will have your pledge forms to make "Renaissance" ready this week. If you are having academic problems in school, your parents may want to take advantage of ASP(After School Program) tutorials on Tuesdays and Thursdays.(Ask Mr. Houston for details)

 Homework Science October 26, 2000
Complete Worksheet "Elements Everywhere"  Red Shirt Day Friday October 27,2000  Wear your Red-Shirt Drug Awareness!

 Homework Science October 23, 2000
Study 35 Flash Cards you made!  Bring the 3" x 3" cards you made to class each day, as well as Flash Cards. First 9 weeks report card goes home on Oct. 24th. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM TUTORIAL AVAILABLE ON TUES. & THURS. 4:15P.M. UNTIL 6:00P.M. $3 PER DAY WITH BUS TRANSPORTATION HOME PROVIDED. ASK FOR A REGISTRATION APPLICATION. SCIENCE BOOK REPORT # 2 IS DUE ON DEC. 14th & DEC 15th. Bring book that you will be reporting to class on Nov. 1st and Nov. 2nd.

 Homework Science October 20, 2000
Study science terms flash cards and complete any assignments below not yet completed.  Test next week!

 Homework Science October 19, 2000
Complete Understanding Ideas/Concepts #1-4 page 150 Science book and make your 3" x 3" science terms cards assigned by your team captain.  Complete all previous homework sheets if you haven't.  Now is a good time to go to the public library and select book #2 for science book report.

Homework Science October 18, 2000  same as Oct. 17th below and class 5B complete graphic sheet "My First Year at Campbell Middle School.(Include positive and negative experiences)

Homework Science October 17,2000

      Do Home Experiment worksheet "Separating Milk"; also, complete 2 additional worksheets: "Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures, and "Physical and Chemical Changes";  Make additional flash cards one sided 3"x 3" with words given to you by your team captain.

Homework Science October 16 same as October 13

Homework Science October 13
Read pp 118-119 in Science Book  Complete Concept Mapping page 150  Draw the concept map and fill in the blanks.  Also, write 5 examples of each: 1)substance 2) heterogenous mixture  3) homogeneous mixture. Make  flash cards for the above terms that you don't have. Complete worksheet "Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures" (5B also do worksheet on "Physical and Chemical Changes")

Homework Science October 12
Finish making all sci terms flash cards and study the flash cards.  Book reports due on Oct. 12 & Oct. 13th.

 Homework Science October 11, 2000
Same as Tuesday, October 10, 2000

 Homework Science October 10, 2000
Finish writing book report due on Oct 12 & 13.  Make 15 flash cards for the science terms and definitions I have went over in class. Bring flash cards daily and use them to study!

 Homework Science October 9, 2000
       Finish Science Book Report and begin studying 35 science terms word meaning.  Test on vocabulary Thursday and Friday!

 Homework Science October 2, 3, 4,& 5  Prepare Science notebooks to be checked.  Have all home work assignments and experiments completed. Have any worksheets and handouts with 3 holes punched bound in the 3 clasps  in your science folder. Read Book for Science Book Report 30 minutes each night. Be prepared to present an oral excerpt from your book. Written Book Report due on Oct. 12 & 13.  Remember 1 week and 4 days left to make and maintain honor roll status!(All A'S & B's)

Homework 9-29-00 All Science Classes! Prepare your Science Notebooks to be checked!  Bring book for science book report  to class on Oct. 2nd and Oct 3rd.  Read your book at least 30 minutes a night in preparation for written book report due on Oct. 12th & 13th!

Have a great weekend!

 Homework Science 9-28-00 Science Block 2A & 4A Study your guide on Matter for test tomorrow!(There were only six A's in both Blocks 4B & 5B)  All classes bring your science book that was checked out of a public library to class on Monday, Oct. 2nd or Tuesday Oct 3rd.  In the meantime proceed reading it for at least 30 minutes a night in order to have your book report ready and on time on Oct. 12th or 13th. Focus on having Science Notebook current and completed with assignments and experiments log sheet and observation records.  

 Homework Science 9-27-00 same as 9-26-00

 Homework Science 9-26-00 same as 9-25-00.  In addition, students should go to their nearest public library and select a book for a science book report from the recommended list given in class today.  This is a green form and parents are asked to sign this form.  Students should bring their selected book to class on Monday Oct. 2nd or Tues. Oct. 3rd, but should be reading it in the meantime. Science book reports are due Oct. 12th and Oct. 13th.
Thank you for helping your child receive the best education possible.

 Homework Science 9-25-00
       Complete Matter Unit Study Guide and study for major test on Wed. & Thurs.  Make sure you have graphed your M & M's Scientific Method Experiment and you wrote a conclusion.
Make sure you have completed both home experiments:  Egg and Water and nail slightly covered with water.  You have only 3 weeks to bring grades up, if they are lower than A's & B's!

 Homework Science 9-20-00 and 9-21-00
Finish M & M's Experiment with the Scientific Method.  Be sure to graph your results and write a conclusion.  Make your graph very colorful.

No school on Friday, Sept. 22nd.  It's a teachers' plan day.

KIDS Club trip to Macon Museum is Sat. Sept 23rd.  Deadline for money $12 and permission slip is Thursday, Sept. 21st! Parent chaperones $6!  We have a few more seats available!

Parent Conference Week  Sept. 25-29.  Students will leave school at 2:00p.m.  Parents make sure you have a scheduled time slot.  4 1/2 week progress reports will be issued at this time.

Nail and water experiment should be completed by Monday, Sept. 25th!

 Homework Science 9-18-00 and 9-19-00
       Finish Defining the 35 Science Content Vocabulary Words you copied off the overhead projector.  Bring to class your book bag size dictionary! If you  don't have one, purchase it Tuesday 9-19-00 and bring to class everyday along with your textbook. Please complete Home Experiment # 1 "Density & Egg" by Wednesday Sept20th!(* Note* If the egg does not float after dissolving 2 tablespoons of salt, add additional tablespoons of salt until it floats.) Please record how many tablespoons of additional salt were needed. Please bring a small bag of plain M & Ms to class on Wed. Sept. 20th and Thurs. Sept. 21st.
We have a 20 more available seats for the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences on Sat. Sept 23rd. only $12, $6 for parent chaperones. Ask me for a permission slip and money envelope. Return both no later than Wednesday Sept. 20th
 Homework Science 9-15-00 Same as 9-14-00
Team 6-3 Looked Good in Red Shirts & Khaki Slacks!
Hopefully we'll order team shirts real soon!

Homework Science 9-14-00  Finish "Simply Symbols" worksheet and "Elementary Facts" worksheet"   Wear Red Shirt and Khaki Slacks for team spirit and the Pep Rally on Fri.
Bring small bag of plain M&Ms on Wednesday Sept. 20th and Thursday, Sept. 21st.

 Complete Home Experiment # 1 by Wednesday Sept. 20th and Home Experiment #2 by Monday, September 25th.  
Please organize the contents of your science folder.  They will be checked next week Sept. 18-22.

Homework Science 9-13-00  Same as 9-12-00 see below:

Homework Science 9-12-00  Complete "Who Am I?" Worksheet using the Periodic Table of Elements and Read in science book pp. 118-126 and answer questions 1,2,& 3 p. 126

Homework Science 9-11-00  Same as 9-8-00 See below:
Red Shirt Day Fri. Sept 15th at the Pep Rally!

Homework Science 9-8-00  Students should complete two worksheets "Elements and Their Symbols" and "Parts of an Atom".  Students should have already defined 11 key terms on page 150 in science textbook.


Ga Tech KIDS Club members inivited to the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences on Saturday, September 23, please bring $12 in envelope and permission slip separately by Sept. 15th.  The first 50 students to meet the deadline will be allowed to attend.

Homework Science 9-7-00  Same as 9-6-00 see below:

Homework Science 9-6-00  Complete Blocks Experiment from 8-30-00 see below: Science Textbook define 11 key science terms from chapter 4 page 150.  Learn to identify, spell , and pronounce the first 18 elements.  See link # 9 from teacher's web page.  Also, play "Proton Don" link # 27 from teacher's web page (Click on symbol, most common elements, and common elements)

Thank you for giving your child the Best education possible!
 Homework Science 9-5-00  Complete The Blocks Experiment on the internet. See homework for 8-30-00 below:
Bring lab coats and white glue  on Wednesday and Thursday for "Silly Putty" Experiment.  Explore on internet from teacher's web page link #9 "Chem 4 Kids".  This is an excellent prequisite for Chapter 4 "Describing the Physical World"  pp. 116-151 in text book.
Parents please sign the homework phone number label in your child's agenda.
 Homework Science 8-31-00 Same as 8-30-00 See below:

 Homework Science 8-30-00  Work on The Blocks Experiment quiz session from the internet. This is due by Septemeber 7th next week, if you have not completed it.  Go to  then click quiz session.  Type in The Blocks Experiment  Be sure to put your last name, first name and class period.

 Homework Science 8-29-00  Same as 8-28-00 see below:

 Homework Science 8-28-00  Students should ask parents to sign their safety contract for science class.  Also, students should complete 2 worksheets titled:  "Measurement Charts" and "Lab Tools"

Parents I invite you to enroll your child in the Georgia Tech K.I.D.S. (Kids interested in Discovering Science)Club. I have the applications available.  They should be mailed back to Georgia Tech.  I am planning a trip next month for KIDS Club members to the Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences. More information will be coming soon!

 Homework Science 8-25-00  Students should make sure that their mini posters on, "Science is..." are completed and colorful. Science folders will be checked for content and organization next week. Also, just a reminder about the internet homework assignment for all science classes due on September 7th. For information on this assignment look at homework for 8-23-00 below:

Have a great weekend!    

 Homework Science 8-24-00  Same as 8-23-00 see below:

Homework Science 8-23-00  Students will design a mini poster titled, "Science is...."  and fill in the blank with what they think science is. Students were given the poster paper.  For example, "Science is ... space explorations"  Students will also draw colorful illustrations or cut out pictures and paste them on the poster along with their statement.  Students should read pp 2-9 in science textbook and be prepared for a mini quiz!

Thank you Ms. Ferguson for being my first parent volunteer on August 23rd and August 24th all day! Ms. Ferguson was very active and involved at Brown Elementary and vows to do the same at Campbell Middle. :) Any parents that have any time to volunteer please let me know the day and time you are available.  We welcome volunteers on team 6-3!

Internet Computer Assignment due September 7th. Students should go to teachers web page and click at top "Quia". Go to Quiz Session and type in:  The Blocks Experiment  fill in last name first name date Sci class period information.

 Homework Science 8-22-00  Same as 8-21-00 see below:

Homework Science 8-21-00  Students should write a report titled "The Blocks Experiment".  The report should include details of what was used,  how many colors, number of blocks, geometric shapes, and what was the end result of the experiment. Students should think analytically and try to answer what happened and why did it happen? and what do they think caused it to happen?

Students should have all school supplies.  Parents that haven't sent me an email, please do so by Sunday, August 20th. I need to be certain that all students have some kind of access to the internet away from school.

Georgia Tech KIDS Club applications are available for students who wish to join this club.  Lab coat order forms were given to students who wish to order lab coats.

Thank you for helping your child receive the BEST education possible.

                          Mr. A. Houston, Teacher

Homework Science 8-14-00 - Finish "Welcome Back to School" puzzle and get science school supplies. Ask parents to complete forms in Cobb County folder, return by Wednesday.

Homework Science 8-15-00  Finish "Welcome Back to School" puzzle and get science school supplies, especially folder.  Have parents to send Mr. Houston an email message with student's name  and class period.

Homework Science 8-16-00  Finish Science Terms word search puzzle. Get other science school supplies, especially sharpened pencils, two pencil sharpeners, and folder.  Have parents to send me an e-mail message from home or from work and include your name and the class period that you attend. Parent's should complete all forms to be signed in Cobb County Schools folder and return to homeroom teacher by Friday, August 18th.

Homework Science 8-17-00 Same as for previous day 8-16-00.  Parents thanks for sending the email messages!  Let's keep in touch!  Parents who do not have internet access at home, please take advantage of this FREE service
at your nearest public library.

Homework Science 8-18-00  Some students did not completely read the directions for the word search "Speaking of Physics"  After they find the 42 words, they should choose ten and write a clear definition for them on the back of the word search paper.

Thank you for helping your child obtain the BEST education possible.

                       August 14, 2000

Dear Parent(s)/Student(s):

Greetings and welcome to Campbell Middle School team 6-3.

I am Mr. Houston and I will have the opportunity and responsibility of instructing students on team 6-3 in science. I will also teach some students literacy, reading, and enrichment.

It is my goal this year for your child to receive the "BEST" education possible. In order to be the best or to become the best, it will require certain efforts, responsibilities, attitudes, habits, and aptitude.

"Good! Better! Best! Never let them rest! Until your good is better and your better is BEST!"  

This year I will be integrating technology in instruction. In addition, technology will be utilized through my class web page to effectively communicate with parents.

My class web page address is:      
Please check this web page daily for homework assignments and other pertinent information for my class.

 Suggested Supplies for Science Class will include:

2 sharpened pencils  daily
Assorted Markers (pencil style)
3 ink pens (1 black 1 red 1 blue)
2 oz or 4 oz "waterless soap" (bookbag size)
2 folders with 3 prongs (clasps) and 2 pockets
2 pencil sharpeners **** with cap or cover!!!
8 oz of white glue or Elmer's glue
1 glue stick
3.5 diskette double density
adequate notebook paper
1 plastic lab coat ($5) will be ordered
basic dictionary (bookbag size)

Parents, I welcome and encourage parental involvement. You are the ones to make the difference!  Please let me know what day or time you can volunteer for my class (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.)

If you have any science ideas, suggestions, concerns, or need to schedule a conference, please don't hesitate to send me an email, phone call, or note.

I am looking forward to working with you!  This will be a fun, exciting, and productive year!

                      Educationally Yours,

                      Mr. A. Houston, Teacher
                      Team 6-3 Science

P.S.  I would like tell you that YOU make the difference in
     your child's education and leave you with this quote:

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."      William Jennings Bryan

         6th Grade General Science Course Syllabus

August 2000      Lab Safety    Appendix
                  Science: A Tool for Problem Solving
                  Student text pp. 2-17

                 Chapter 4: "Describing the Physical World"                      Sections  4.1,4.2, 4.3, & 4.4

                 FOSS- Mixtures & Solutions Module
                 (Full Option Science System)
                  Chapter 5:  "Matter in Solution"                               Sections: 5.1, 5.2, & 5.3

                  Chapter 6:  "Acids, Bases and Salts"
                     Sections: 6.1, 6.2,6.3, & 6.4

                  GEMS- Cabbages and Chemistry

Jan. 2001
                  Chapter 12: "Motion"
                    Sections 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, & 12.4

                  Chapter 13: "Motion Near Earth"
                    Sections 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, & 13.4

                  FLUIDS (Supplemental Packet)
                    A.  How Fluids Exert Pressure
                    B.  Bernoulli's Principle
                    C.  Archimede's Principle
                    D.  Hydraulics

                  SIMPLE MACHINES (Supplemental Packet)
                  FOSS: Levers and Pulleys Modles
                    A.  Simple and Compund Machines
                    B.  Mechanical Advantage
                    C.  Related Vocabulary

Jan.-Feb. 2001  INTERACTIONS IN PHYSICS  continued
                  Chapter 2:  "Light and Vision"
                    Sections 2.1, 2.2, & 2.3

                  Chapter 17:  "Waves"
                    Sections 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, & 17.4

                  Chapter 3:   "Sound and Hearing"
                    Sections 3.1, 3.2, & 3.3


Apr. 2001         *** Spring Break!!! ***

Apr. 2001         HEAT ENERGY
                      Supplemental Packet
                        A.  Heat and temperature
                        B.  Characteristics of Heat Energy
                        C.  Heat Transfer

                    (Science Technology for Children)
                    STC KIT:  Magnets and Motors
                    STC KIT:  Electric Circuits
                    AIMS KIT: Electrical Connections
                    AIMS KIT: Mostly Magnets
                          Topics to be Studied:
                      A.  Static and Current Electricity
                      B.  Electric Circuits
                      C.  Conductors and Insulators
                      D.  Electrical Energy
                      E.  Properties of Magnets
                      F.  Magnetic Fields
                      G.  Electric Motors and Generators
                      H.  History of Electricity
                      I.  Significant Scientists and
                      J.  Electricity in Everyday Life

**** This is a suggested or tentative time sequence for the course syllabus.  Teacher reserves the right change or modify the sequence in which the course units or topics are taught. If you have any questions  or concerns please do not hesitate to call me at school (703) 461-4180 and leave a voice message, schedule an appointment,send me an       email message or send a note.

Thank you for helping your child receive the best education possible!!!     

             Mr. A. Houston, Science Teacher
             Team 6-3
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