scienceatelc Mr. Sperry
Elizabeth Learning Center Science/Health/Math&ScienceSkillsClass Instructor at Elizabeth Learning Center In Cudahy CA
With 35 students in each class,
and each student doing a report on 2 diseases,
we'll be learning about 70 diseases in each class.

Each report should tell about...
1. Dictionary definition
2. How you get it
3, How you know you have it(symptons)
4. How you get rid of it(cure)
5. Adjustments to lifestyle
6. Extra credit: personal experence, drawings, etc.

Math/science skills class
   time to fire rockets
   weather permitting...
   LAX beware, since we a 10 miles down wind.

Science Current Events every Monday
   Bring 3-4
   this way you'll have at least one to present orally
   plus+++ you get a very usable Chacter Quality
           that's one a week

Are We Going Places Or What??!!
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