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Hi. If you're in any of my classes,then you already know my name. For those who aren't, my name is Natalie DeKeyzer. I am a student of Acadian Sixth grade center in Alexandria,Louisiana. If I'd have to pick a most favorite subject in would have to be Science, on the cells and circulation.I absolutely love studying that in Science. My Science teacher,Miss Clay,has about three college degrees and always has some sort of fun activity for us when we come in each day. In case you haven't learned this yet, Math and Science have a lot to do with each other, so I try hard to keep my grades up in both of those subjects.

 Anyway,cells are some of the smallest parts of the human body. They carry blood, strengthen our immune systems(keep us healthy),and we need cells to restore torn ligaments,skin,and other damaged parts of our anatomy(We have a whole bunch!).
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