sciencefiction Mrs. Hedrick
Northeastern High School science fiction/English teacher
Day 1:  Explore the internet with the list of sci fi web sites I gave you.  On your own paper, list the addresses of the sites you visited, what you did (create virtual world, read a story, etc.) and your opinion of the sites.

Day 2:  Visit more sites, as before, with same directions.

Day 3:  Visit the Asimov site and read the current story.
Be prepared to discuss it in class tomorrow.

Day 4:  When you have read Enemy Mine, go to the game URL  and do the activi-
ties until time runs out for the Cyber session.

Day 5:  Continue activities from Day 4.

Day 6:  Continue activities from Day 5.  Take notes if you need to and be able to discuss Drac vocabulary.
Useful links
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