Norwell Middle School Science Teacher
This page contains the science study guides for Mr. Bergquist's science classes. follow the directions for each sheet.

2-2 Shake and Quake
Use the graph in Figure 2-5 of your text to complete the following chart for a seismograph station. The top red line is when the Primary wave hits and the bottom red line is when the secondary wave hits. The distance between the lines is the number of minutes that it took for the secondary wave to hit. Use the graph to find the value for each question mark.
                                                                                                                  Qua   Primary   Secondary    Epicenter dist. (km)  

A     7:35:00     7:37:00          ?
B     10:17:30      ?            5000
C      ?          3:16:45        9000

D     3:07:00     3:12:30          ?  

E     8:51:30         ?          7000
Answer the following questions in the space provided.
1. What is the relationship between the focus of an earthquake and its epicenter?

2. What is the relationship between primary and secondary seismic waves?

3. How are surface waves different from either primary or secondary seismic waves?
4. Are surface waves compression waves? Transverse waves? Explain your answer.

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