scientists Mr. Yager
JJ Rhoads Learning Center Science Instructor
Welcome students to the 2000-2001 School Year!
Welcome also to Mr. Yager's Science Class Page.

This Class Page is designed with you in mind, and
I hope that you will share it with you parents.

I hope that you had a good summer break.

We are going to have a great year learning to
brainstorm, investigate, design, and create science

This Class Page has many links to educational games, and resources (encyclopedias, museums, and organizations)
that can help you become a better student.  

I expect everyone to be the best that you can be,
and see that learning can be fun.

Let's go....
   Browse around and see what exciting things you can find.
          1) Fun Brain-  Universe
          2) Fun Brain- "Find Games"--Science
          3) Thursday's Classroom
          4) The Science Place and other Museums
Useful links
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