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9/20 through 9/27 ISTEP
Paper Air Plane Lab

Tuesday 9/28/04

My Quia activities and quizzes
Planets - (copy)
Solar system match
Measuring up in Science
Ch.1 - Space Exploration Review - (copy)
Constellations of the Northern Sky - (copy)
Dig Into Geology - (copy)
Fun with Planets - (copy)
Animal Facts - (copy)
Science - (copy)
Singular and Plural Nouns - (copy)
Solar system match
Vocabulary practice - (copy)
Constellations - (copy)
Luna and Beyond - (copy)
World Capitals Quiz - (copy)
Mixtures, elements and compounds - (copy)
Planets - (copy)
History of Astronomy Hangman - (copy)
Newton's Laws - (copy)
Spelling Bee - (copy)
Planets - (copy)
Scientific Method - (copy)
English Irregular Verbs - (copy)
Scientific Method - (copy)
Order the Planets - (copy)
Blackhole Jeopardy - (copy)
Wer wird Millionär - Landeskunde - (copy)
Animal Facts - (copy)
Plant Parts - (copy)
Water, Water Everywhere - (copy)
Evolution of Stars - (copy)
Language Arts - Word List - (copy)
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