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Daily writing assignment (Monday-Thursday) .Daily Homework - tarea diaria

Does Dr. Scricco have your homework? What homework do you say? The questions answered on the story we read in class!!!!

Máquina de escribir
You may use the dictionaries to help you. Look up any words you do not know. If your phone gets service and you want to use wordreference.com - that is fine as long as you are working. The guide of questions in English should facilitate the reading of the short chapter. Detail as much as you can in your answer! All responses should be written out in your notebook.
1. What is a 'máquina de escribir'?
2. Is it the beginning of the semester?
3. Was Panchito a fast and accurate typist?
4. How often did the teacher give exams?
5. In order to get an 'A' in this course what would Panchito have to do?
6. What kind of work was Panchito doing?
7. In addition to cleaning the gas company building, where else did he work cleaning.
8. Can you describe the office?
9. Who is Bob Twitchel?
10.What was Bob doing in the office?
11.What things did Panchito do there that morning?
12. What does "QUIZAS él me la venda barata....mean?
13. What does Panchito want to do?
14. Please translate the following from the story....
Panchito: ¿Me la pudiera vender
Bob: ¿vendértela? puedes llevártela...había pensado tirarla a la basura.
15. Unfortunately Frank cannot just take the typewriter. WHY
16. What happens at the end?
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