January 6 Dr. Scricco LEVEL 4 periods 1,4,7
Sachem High School North Campus Foreign Language Teacher

HOLA ...
Make sure you get the new crossword... You should know all the answers to the questions from the story. You should also be familiar with the parts of the story that we highlighted during class. It is your job to follow along and ask questions if you miss something.
Read the Francisco Jimenez Story entitled 'Cajas de Cartón'. Please read up to the line - ....mis músculos se acostumbraron a ese trabajo at the TOP of page 72.
Answer the following questions in your notebook.
1. What time of the year was it?
2. Who is Ito?
3. Why was he not smiling?
4. What were the 'braceros' doing?
5. Who is the narrador? Where was he from?
6. Why was everyone so quiet on the way home?
7. Who is Robert? Is he older or younger than Panchito?
8.What did Panchito see when he opened the door to the chocita?
9. What reaction did the younger siblings have?
10.What was the 'Carcanchita'? What year was it? What was the father's attitude toward it?
11.What did Robert and Panchito carry to the car?
12. Where did they put the 'mattress'?
13. What was the significance of the 'pot'? How was it described in the story?
14.What had the mother cooked?
15. What is the significance of the father in the story sighing.....and then he says, "ES TODO".
16. Why did Panchito get a lump in his throat? (Top of page 69)
17. Who was Sullivan and where did he live?
18. Describe the 'Garaje' by the stables where Sullivan let them stay while the family worked for him.
19. Who slept where that evening? The mom and the kids/The father and his two oldest sons?
20. What was the weather like the first day Panchito, his older brother Robert and the father were out working in the vineyards?
21. What happened to Panchito?
22. What does MAREADO mean?
23. (Top of page 71) Why did the father tell his sons: TIENEN que TENER CUIDADO??
24. How did Panchito feel after the first full day working in the vineyards?
25.What specifically does he say to us in the story?
This represents the part of the story that we have done thus far....You should be able to answer the questions to show you understand the plot....and you should be able to find the answers within the story to show that you understand the 'Spanish'.

Any questions email me.
Extra - Credit
Please rewrite the following sentences in English and then change the verb to the preterit tense:
1. Ito no sonreía
2. La cosecha de fresas terminaba
3. Ellos trabajabantodos los días.
4. Yo sentía el peso de las horas, los días, las semanas, los meses del trabajo.
5. Teníamos que buscar trabajo en Fresno.
BE GOOD and cooperative!
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