scroncela Miss Scronce
Pumpkin Center Middle School Language Arts-8th grade
Hello and welcome to the eighth grade. Here is a list of items you will need this year:

1.(1) pack of loose leaf paper (college or wide ruled)
2. (1) pack of 10 No. 2 pencils (not lead)
3. (1) box of Kleenex (any kind)
4. (1) pack of markers (any name brand-basic colors only)
 **These markers will be returned to you at the end of    
   the year.
5. (1) One subject spiral notebook- this will be used as a
6. (1) 3 ring binder (Trapper Keeper, Mead zipper notebook)
   You will use this notebook for all of your core
   classes. You will need to have four sections:
   Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

***Note: Bookbags are allowed in the school, but are not allowed in the classroom at all. They will stay in your lockers.

Dear Students:
 I look forward to meeting all of you and I am excited about the upcoming year!! We are going to learn a lot and have lots of fun!!!

Miss Scronce
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