scum Bridget Hornyak
Hey everyone!! What's up! I just want to let you all know who are my friends!!

Hope, Katie, Katie, Katie, Michelle, Teresa, Karen, Lauren, Kennedy, Angela, Whitney, Jessica, Jihan, Amanda, Ryan, Alan, Phillip, Krystle (Hicky), Krystal, Hawker, Whoretense (yeah right!), Mandy, Lucy, Kasey, Kasey, Sara, Lisa, Jenna, Christine (gettemy), Lindsay, Maaa (goats, Doug and Erik), Mallory, Ashley, Ashley, Amanda, Ashley, Ashley, Sam, Jeanelle, Angela, Mandi, Marla, and many, many, many more that I can not think of right now!

Now, here are the people I hate!

Jillian, Kerri, Christine, Stephanie, Jen Baughman, Whoretense, Maeanne, and a lot more!!

Don't forget! The people that are my friends, will remain my friends forever!!

PS, If you have any questions or comments, E-mail me at:

I have 3 names!! Or you can just IM me if I am on one of these names the same time you happen to be on!!

Love ya!  <333
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