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Albemarle Middle School Art Teacher
Welcome to AMS!!!!

     Art olympics will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2002, at Rockingham Jr. High.  We will leave the school at 7:15 Saturday morning and return by about 6:00 PM.
     I am looking forward to this competition.  Each student attending is ALREADY A WINNER.  They are some of the best talent AMS has to offer.  This is a day for fun competition and win or lose (as far as ribbons or trophies go) I want each student to know they ARE already a winner and the best of the best.
    Parents, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at school.  704-982-5480 or

The participants are:
Hue Vang
John Xiong
Lacey Edwards
Caroline Morton
Sarah Jeong
Pa Yang
Yeng Xiong
Jamie Huen
Andrea Davis
Kendra Fraley
Nhia Vang
Joshua Xiong
Rodderick Howell
Matthew Morris
Mary Hannah Ellis
Brittany Sanges
Kayoua Xiong
Michael Yang
Derek Lambert
Libby Barnett
Lateshia Polk
Nicole Williamson
Taler Whaley
Katie Williamson
Melissa Rorie

Thanks and come again!! 
           ~*Mrs. Dennis*~

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